Are you new to vaping and looking for the best products to use? Or perhaps you are a regular vape user looking to enhance and upgrade your vaping experience? If so, you may be considering investing in a VooPoo Drag S Pro device.

Below we will take a look at everything you need to know about the VooPoo Drag S Pro product. Our review will provide all the info and specs you require so you can make the right decision about whether this new “Pro” version is the best for you.

VooPoo made big waves in the vaping world a few years ago when they released their Voopoo Drag S and X devices. The innovative pod device had a built-in battery which provided a substantially increased wattage compared to other models and included a unique 360-degree fit of the mod pod onto the base.

Review of the VooPoo Drag S Pro

The “Pro” version of the VooPoo Drag S retains the traditional aspects of the ” model which made it so popular while including some up-to-date and modern enhancements and design improvements. Let’s take a look at the key specs you need to know about first.

VooPoo Drag S Pro Product Specifications

  • Features an Auto Draw Button Fire.
  • The size of the vape is 125.5 x 28.8 x 34.5 mm.
  • The capacity of the vape is 5.5ml TPD/2ml UK.
  • Battery Power is 3000mAh.
  • Output Voltage is 5 – 80 watts.
  • Charging Voltage is 2.5A/5V.
  • Vape Resistance is 0.3 TTP-DM4/ 0.15 TTP-DM1

What Colours is the VooPoo Drag S Pro Available In?

As you can expect from a top-of-the-line brand, VooPoo has included many attractive colour options for vapers to choose from. These include:

  • Classic Black
  • Basalt Gray
  • California Orange
  • Mystic Red
  • Sapphire Blue
  • Garda Blue
  • Sahara Brown

What is Included with the VooPoo Drag S Pro Product?

The Drag S Pro device included everything you need to get started vaping right away. Included in the package is:

  • A VooPoo Drag S Pro Device.
  • TPP X Pod.
  • Type C Cable.
  • TPP-DM1 0.15 coil.
  • TPP-DM4 0.3 coil.
  • User Manual

What Improvements Are Included in the VooPoo Drag S Pro?

Based on the feedback VooPoo has received over the past few years, the brand has made some impressive improvements to its devices to improve your vaping experience. The company has retained a lot of the great features which made the originals so popular while including small design changes and improved functionality.

VooPoo Drag S Body 

The body of the device retains the great metal and leather style of the original models, but some changes improve functionality.

The connection to the pod now has only 2 connection points (compared to the previous 3), and adjustment for the infinite airflow system is achieved through a ring rather than the toggle/switch of the original model.

The new model also includes a new smart mode switch on off button – which you can also configure to easily lock and unlock the device.

In addition, the device body has been adapted for easy placement and standing on surfaces with a rubber strip on the bottom of the body.

The New VooPoo Drag TTP X Pod

Perhaps the biggest change to the Pro devices is that they have been adapted to the new TPP X Pods. (These pods are also backward compatible with almost all the other VooPoo Pod Mod devices you may own.)

The previous tinted PCTG plastic pod is adapted so that it is now a blend of clear plastic and stainless steel. This means you will be able to keep an eye on the level of e-liquid in your device and make sure that you are never unexpectantly caught short.

The capacity of the pods has also been improved with a 5.5ml capacity, which is a whole 1ml larger than the previous models.

The Pod also includes a new removable 810 drip tip which you can use to add o-ringed drip tips to your vaping process.

Filling the New Voopoo Drag S Pods

Another big change to the new Voopoo Drag S pro pod is the new way of filling the device. You no longer need to take the pod off to refill the device. Instead, the pod now has a ring that you can easily rotate to reveal the fill port which is of suitable size for most liquid nozzles.

The refill hole is protected by a silicone plug to prevent spills that can easily be removed by your fingertips.

The Two VooPoo Drag S Pro Coils

Included with the Voopoo Drag S Pro device are two different coils for the pod. Both have large wicking holes which will allow you a lot of e-liquid juice to be sucked through them. This means that you can enjoy a dual experience and switch freely between the two depending on the output you want.

However, if you leave your Voopoo device standing with one of these coils, you may find that the liquid leaks into a puddle under the pod.

The TPP-DM1 01.5 coil allows open airflow and a dense vaping experience. The other TPP-DM4 0.3 coil runs on a smaller wattage to provide a warm, dense vaping experience. The 360 infinite airflow system allows you to select between a cyclops hole or a smaller hole, so you can customize your vaping even more.

Battery Size of the new Voopoo Drag S

The battery size has been increased by 500mah to the new 3000mah and there is also a new 3.0 chip which allows a boost function for higher voltage and big clouds. This allows you to enjoy higher wattage at the level advertised without experiencing the power drop you may have with older models.

Voopoo Drag S Pro Base

The base of the coil and pod remain unchanged and the coils still protrude beneath the device. As we noted before, this can lead to some seepage if you leave the device standing and unattended for too long.

VooPoo USB Type C Port

You can use the port to charge your device at a rate of 2.5A/5V which allows you to share your vape pretty quickly compared to other models. And you can use the port to also download additional functions such as temperature control and firmware updates.

How Do You Use the VooPoo Drag S Pro?

When you start using the VooPoo Drag pro you will find that you quickly pick up on how to operate the device.

  • Turn the on/off function by pressing five times on the fire button.
  • Lock and unlock the device by pressing the fire button three times.
  • You can clear the puff counter by pressing the fire button up and down.
  • To change modes, you simply need to hold the up and down buttons.

What are the Pros and Cons of the VooPoo Drag S Pro Device?

Now that we have looked into the aspects of the device which have been improved and what has remained the same, here is a rundown of the pros and cons of this vaping product.

Pros of the Voopoo Drag S Pro

  • Attractive metal and leather design that feels comfortable and pleasant to hold.
  • Increased battery capacity and higher wattage.
  • Easier and quicker to fill.
  • Larger e-liquid capacity.
  • Better control of airflow.
  • Easy and intuitive controls for powering on and locking.
  • 3.0 chip set boost.

Cons of the New Voopoo Drag Pro

  • The silicone fill plug can be fiddly, but you will soon get the hang of it.
  • Possible e-liquid seepage when pnp coils are over-saturated.
  • You can’t lock wattage on the device.

Summary – VooPoo Drag S Pro Review

The Voopoo Drag S Pro builds upon all the strengths which made the original models such a popular choice and includes some great improvements. Equipped with a higher liquid capacity, an easy filling function, and increased wattage, you can enjoy a smoother, denser, and larger vape cloud if needed and move between the two available coils as and when you want.

The device can be updated with new functionality to help you control the temperature of your liquid and enjoy improved functionality and firmware as and when it becomes available.

This, combined with the attractive and high-quality materials and design enhancements should make it an easy choice for anyone looking to improve their experience the next time they vape.