Whether you are new to vaping or looking for an upgrade to your current kit. The Nevoks X Feelin pod system may provide the high-spec functionality and design enhancements you need. Below we will be taking a look at the upgraded Nevoks Feelin pod system and giving you all the info you need to decide if it is the best fit for you.

Although relatively new on the market, Nevoks have quickly been naming a name for themselves for their high-quality products and functionality which provide the ultimate in comfortable vaping experiences. The Nevoks Feelin X pod system is the new, upgraded version of Feelin’s original model and features a few enhancements and upgrades which will enhance your vaping.

Review of the Nevoks Feelin X Pod

Below we will take a look at every aspect of this pod so you can be confident whether this is the best vaping option for you. To begin with, let’s take a brief look at the specification of the pod system.

Nevoks Feeling X Pod System Specifications

  • An MDL (mouth to lung) and RDL (restricted direct to lung) pod device.
  • Weighs 61.5g.
  • 109x 30.6×20 mm
  • Liquid capacity of 5ml.
  • 1600mAh battery with variable voltage and hold powers of 5W to 40W.
  • Adjustable airflow control
  • Two replaceable Nevoks Feelin Coils of 0.3ohm or 0.6ohm mesh. (Also compatible with a range of Mesh SPL-10 Nevoks Feelin coils.)
  • Charged through Type-C USB charging port which takes approx. 50 mins for a full charge.
  • LED 0.49-inch display showing the power, battery levels, vaping time, puff counter, and coil resistance.

The Pod System is available in a variety of colours, including:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Grey
  • Rose Pink
  • Green
  • Ocean Blue.

These colour options are available in block designs, except for the Rose Pink and Ocean Blue which feature two-tone colouring.

What’s Included with the Nevoks Feelin X Pod System?

  • Nevoks X Feel Pod
  • 1600mAh battery.
  • 2 SPL-10 mesh coils – 0.3ohm or 0.6ohm.
  • Type-C USB Cable for charging.
  • User manual and warranty card.
  • Wattage between 5W and 40W.

How to Use the Nevoks Feelin Pod System

You can control the variable power levels of between 5 and 40W as you vape using the simple + and – buttons beneath the small LED display on the body. The device will also auto-detect what type of coil you have fitted and choose the most appropriate wattage.

To fire the device you can either use the firing button or draw using the automatic system. If you want to adjust the wattage while using the device, you simply need to hold either the + or – buttons to increase and decrease the power.

You can choose between MTL or RDL vaping methods by selecting between the included mesh coils and adjusting the slider for air control on the side of the casing.

if you want to restrict the airflow, you simply need to move the slider on the case upwards towards the mouthpiece. You can open up the airflow by sliding it downwards.

The movement of this slider is very restrictive so won’t inadvertently move on its own and has a very positive feel to it. This slider movement from fully open to fully closed covers approximately 6mm of travel.

Nevoks X Feelin Pod System – What You Need to Know

Nevoks have created an upgraded version of the Feelin X device, offering users more flexibility in their vaping and a comfortable experience with its TPE mouthpiece. Here’s a breakdown of all of the aspects of the device you need to know about.

The Nevoks Feelin X Pod Device

The Nevoks pod is fitted from the top and is magnetically secured to the body of the device. When you need to refill it, you simply need to remove the pod and use the fill port on the side. The port is compatible with a range of SPL-10 coils.

The lightweight device is rectangular with a clear cover under the mouthpiece (so you can see how much liquid you have left before you need to top up.

The TPE mouthpiece has a duckbill shape and is created in a comfortable semi-rigid fashion.

Nevoks Feelin Coil Display

The Nevoks XF Feelin pod gives you lots of great info about your device and the current settings, these include:

  • Battery levels
  • Wattage levels
  • Whether the device is locked or unlocked.
  • Your vaping time.
  • Puff counter.
  • Current coil resistance.

Charging the Nevoks Feelin Pod Device

You can use the included Type-C USB to charge your device and it should take about 50 minutes for you to get a complete charge. However, there is a pass-through that allows you to continue to vape during the charging process.

While your device is charging you will be able to see the battery icon, once charging has completed this signal will be extinguished.

Nevoks Feelin Pod Safety Features

There are plenty of handy safety features on the device which will support you in using and storing your vape device safely.

  • 10-second cut-off on overtime.
  • No load when a coil is undetected.
  • Automatic cut-off when the device is 100% charged.
  • The device will shut down when over-discharge occurs.
  • Cut off when over the temperature of 65oC.
  • Shut off when a short circuit or low resistance occurs.

Pros and Cons of Nevoks X Feelin Pod

Pros of the Nevoks Feel E Pod System

  • Lightweight, compact, and functional design.
  • You can use the device while it is being charged.
  • Comfortable, semi-flexible duck-billed mouthpiece.
  • Clear section so you can keep track of the e-liquid levels in your device.
  • Your device can be fully charged within 50 minutes.
  • LED display so you can keep track of functions and power usage.

Cons of the Nevoks Feelin Pod System

  • Small display space, so information is tightly packed together.
  • More functionality is available on other devices, but this comes with added costs and complications.
  • Light rubbery taste on initial use which soon disappears.

Summary – Nevoks Feelin X Pod System Review

The Nevoks X Feelin pod is a high-quality and robust device that is lightweight and comfortable to use. The airflow slider is simple and easy to use, as is the fire button or draw-activated option.

You will also find it quick and easy to charge the device when needed and will be able to keep an eye on how much liquid you have left with the clear section beneath the comfortably shaped mouthpiece.

With few flaws or downsides, the Nevoks Feelin Pod System is a great choice if you need a compact vape option that provides variable vaping experiences without being too complicated or difficult to adjust.