Going to your neighbourhood vape shop may be intimidating if you’re eager to start vaping, but aren’t sure how to begin.

There are a myriad of types of e-cigarettes available and a myriad of new terms to be learned and figuring out the most suitable starter kit for your needs is a vital choice, particularly if switching from smoking cigarettes to vaping.

What are the Vape Kits?

Vape kits are a one-stop solution for novices and experienced users who wish to build an entire kit from scratch or improve their existing setup by adding an entirely new coil, tank, and drip tips. It’s important to understand that each kit has been created differently to help users choose the best setup for them; for instance, certain vape kits are better at producing larger clouds of vapour, and others have stronger flavors. For South Africa, the best smoking experience is provided by vape models from trusted brands including VooPoo, Uwell, SMOK, Aspire and others.

The Basics Of Kits for Vape

Every vape kit includes the essential components such as batteries, a pod or vape tank as well as a charging cable. However, more advanced devices may require the purchase of a different charger and battery.

The Anatomy of Vaporizing Kits

Drip Tip Drip tips can be located at the bottom of vaping devices. They allow the vapour from the e-liquids to move from into the lung while the inhalation.

The coil: This is composed of cotton and thread; it absorbs liquid that is inside the tank, thereby heating it before changing it into vapour once you push the button and exhale. Vaporizer coils come in different resistances based upon the type of vape that you use. Most newer users opt for an ordinary vape with one ohm or a larger rings, while more experienced users opt for an under-ohm vape that has less than 1-ohm coil.

The Tank The pods or vaping tanks are placed on top of the drip point and battery, and will hold the liquid until the user turns on the device to cause the coil to start vaporizing it.

The battery This battery serves for heating the coil to trigger an increase in the amount of vapour that is produced.

The charger: The charger you will require for your battery will differ for every vaping device. It could include USB chargers Micro USB chargers, or barrel bay chargers.

E-liquid Also known by the name of vape juice, or e-juice. liquids are a way to bring the vaping experience to life! E-liquids comprise a mixture consisting of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) and nicotine. They are available in various strength and ratios that can be adapted to the preferences of vapers, like stronger VG and nicotine-free. Many people who switch from smoking cigarettes to using nicotine-based e-liquids and gradually decrease their intake until they’re removed.

Vape Kits And the Unterschieds Between the Kits

The disposable versions are discreet and light, and mimic the style and design of smoking. They’re electronic cigarettes that are disposable. They are limited in that they can only carry a small quantity of juice for vaping since they cannot be recharged and have a short battery life. They are an ideal beginning point to begin your vaping experience but could be more expensive over the course of time.

Pod Kits are another light optionthat is small enough to be able to fit into your pocket. They also offer the same feel on your hands. vaping Pod Mods mimic the experience of smoking cigarettes, and are often more nicotine-rich too. They are also powered by pods that can be replaced and are often refillable, making them less expensive than cigarettes.

Vape pens are among the most well-known alternatives for novice vapers. The battery life is increased with pod vaporizers and charging is typically accomplished through an USB port. The life of batteries can vary between a few hours and an entire full day (of course, it varies according to how often you utilize it). The vape pen is simple to use and you can refill tanks with juice which means you don’t need to pay for refills for your pods. It’s easy to use using a simple button on the other side; what you see is the product you will receive.

The Box Mod Kits are usually for the most experienced vapers. They have the option to control temperature, wattage and even ventilation, which provides the ultimate experience of vaping with personalization. Box Mods come with a much larger capacity battery, are more as well as heavier. They are customized further with the possibility of switching to the tank of your choice. Like vaporizer pens they can be refillable. Snare kits with sub-ohms are powered with an external battery, usually a lithium-ion 18650 battery, since they are able to take on the more power.

How to Choose the best vape Kit?

To find the most effective e-cigarette to purchase comes down to three elements that are: the strength of nicotine, the method you choose to vape and the PG: VGC ratio of the juice you choose to use.

Select The Best Strength

The quality of the nicotine that is in your e-liquid can be vital, particularly if are switching from smoking cigarettes to vaping. The amount you receive from traditional cigarettes is much higher than the amount you experience from vaping because of how the smoke reacts with your body as opposed to the vapours of aerosol that are produced by an electronic cigarette. The amount on the bottle represents how much nicotine you will get per ml of vaporizer liquid.

For a more general overview:

If you smoke large amount (more than one pack every day) we suggest starting with the highest nicotine level, about 18-20 mg which is our top concentration.

If you’re the pack-a-day kind, opt for a moderate 12mg.

For those who smoke just a few cigarettes per day, consider the dose of 6 mg.

Last but not least, for those who smokes in a group Start at 3 mg and observe what you feel. If you find that it’s too much then you can always purchase an electronic liquid. You can then dilute it to a an amount of 0mg, to include nicotine to the mixture.

Once you are accustomed to the sensation of vaping and you can maintain a level that is working, you can lower the amount of nicotine you consume in time. If you decide to cut out nicotine but still enjoy vaping You can still purchase your favorite e-liquids. Look for those with 0mg.

Propylene Glycol And Vegetable Glycerin

Propylene glycol and vegetable Glycerin seem like things you could discover in a laboratory. Yet, they’re common ingredients in a variety of kitchen and household products, from flavor enhancers to cake mix soap, toothpaste, and other products. Propylene Glycol (PG) is the ingredient that imparts flavour to your liquid (for an in-depth breakdown of everything you’ll find in the juice, read our e-liquid tutorial for newbies). It is a liquid with a thin consistency, which makes it much easier to vape, which is why vape juice with greater PG percentage is ideal for beginners who are looking to get a kit. It also provides more of a kick into the throat than the smoking sensation.

Vegetable Glycerin, on contrary is a thicker and more sweet liquid. It’s here to provide you with the steam clouds that you see blowing in the streets today.

What do you mean when you mix these two things together? For those who require a greater amount in nicotine levels, then you’re better off using an even ratio of PG to VG which is like a 50/50 vape juice, and choose the standard device, such as a pod or vape pen. The reason for this is that the moment you vape with a higher amount of nicotine, and using a stronger device, it may be easy to take excessive nicotine.

If you’re seeking something at a lower a level, there are some other options: If the sensation of smoking isn’t that significant to you then you might prefer a more VG liquid. The most well-known are 70 30 PG: VG and 80:20. However, there are a variety of choices. The clouds will be puffy and have great resistance. Additionally, you’ll get the opportunity to go deep and experience sub-ohm vapes, giving you more power and flavor.

What are Open and Closed Vape Kits?

Closed vape kits come with pre-filled cartridges, whereas the open vape kits come with refillable pods which allow you to add your preferred flavor and strength to the vape liquid. The other major distinctions in the two kits is that the closed vape kits are generally smaller in size and come with smaller battery lifespans, but they require less maintenance than open vape kits.

What Is Mouth-To-Lung (MTL) And Direct-To-Lung (DTL) Vaping?

If you’ve been looking into vaping, chances are you’ve heard of the mouth-to-lung (MTL) or direct-to lung (DTL) smoking. The two ways of inhaling vapour from e-liquids depend on the kind of equipment and power level as well as the coil you select. When the range of resistance for the ring falls lower than 1.0ohm that is known as a sub-ohm direct-to-lung coil. Vaping at or above 1.0ohm is called the mouth-to lung coil.

Let’s go over every inhalation technique with important points to consider:

Mouth Lung (MTL)

The method of inhaling through the mouth is commonly found in low-powered devices, and is the most preferred method among beginners to vaping.

Similar to smoking cigarettes smoking a cigarette, mouth-to-lung vaping is inhaling the vapour through your mouth, then stopping and then inhaling it into your lung.

The lower the electricity is needed for the ignition of high-resistance coils sniffing MTLs are known to extend the battery’s life and also enhance the flavor of E-liquids.

The MTL vape delivers a more powerful nicotine hit and can be used with nicotine levels up to 20 mg.

To have the best MTL for inhalation, you should vaporize liquids that contain 50 percent of PG (propylene glycol) or more.

It has a smaller and cooler clouds than DTL.

Direct To Lung (DTL)

Ideal for advanced to expert vapers who live in South Africa, the direct-to-lung method is used on more powerful devices.

Lung-directed smoking is similar to hookah pipe, and involves breathing nicotine directly to lung with a 3-5 second draw.

Because DTL vaping devices are more powerful in energy and electrical charges than MTL devices It is advised to use e-liquids with less than 6mg nicotine to avoid the vaporization of unintentionally high amounts.

It is advised to use e-liquid that has an high VG (Vegetable Glycerin) consistency of 60% or greater to prevent acidity in the throat.

It also produces more cooler cloud formation than MTL.

What is Vape Starting Kits?

Like the name implies, kits for beginners are great for those who are new to the world of vaping. They are also utilized as a pleasant option to quit smoking. No previous experience or knowledge of vaping needed, our vast range of starter kits remains true to their namesake.

Types of Kits To Vape Kits

1. Vape Kit Pod Style:Lightweight pod-style vaping kits that allow mouth-to-lung vaping to every level of experience. If purchased with pre-filled pods are designed specifically to replicate the traditional smoking experience due to their high concentration in nicotine, or nicotine salts. With a refillable pod you can choose and play around with nicotine and other e-liquid flavors to discover the perfect new flavor.

2. Pen-Style vape kit: Vape Pen Kits from our range is ultra-portable, ultra-discreet , and extremely easy to use. For mouth-to-lung smoking, pen-style kit comes with an inbuilt battery and an open-system tank to refill e-liquids as well as a single-button interface that allows you to switch on your device, and start powering it up to power the vape pen. The kits also come with a variety of options to customize the vaping experience, such as the ability to adjust airflow as well as variable the wattage.

3. Sub-Ohm Vape Kit: At the top of the range in power are sub-ohm vape kit that are frequently the most popular option for the most sophisticated vapers in the world. Sub Ohm kits let users alter the power, voltage as well as temperature control and airflow to create custom vaping sessions with a high-performance direct-to-lung vapor with excellent vapour production. Similar to the pod and pen-style kits, Sub Ohm kits can also be refillable.

What are the best Vape Kits for Beginners?

While this might be a matter of preference to your personal style of vaping and preferences, novices who are new to South Africa are generally advised to buy a lightweight, low-powered kit, like the mouth-lung capsule system. In this way, you’ll be able to test lower intensity vaping before making the move to kits that have more vapour production, for instance, high-wattage sub-ohm kits.


The final thing to consider is how you wish to use the device is also an element in what you can expect from the device to use. If you live in South Africa, there are two options in regards to how to make use of the vape (no it’s not as smoking cigarettes, but yes there is a chance that you will experience a mild cough that you need to be acquainted with).

MTL, which is also known as mouth-to lung is a technique that’s employed by smokers where the vapour is initially inhaled into the mouth before being drawn then into the lung. Certain vaporizers have been designed to be used in this manner, typically with the resistance to 1 ohm or more.

DTL which is a direct route towards the lung often employed by more skilled vapers who require deep shots into the lung. Inhale deep and enjoy more flavor as you exhale, avoiding the area where the vapour gets into your mouth while it travels. This is typically ideal for vaporizers that are sub-ohm.