Vaping has been gaining popularity in recent years, with many long-time South African smokers trying a vaping device to quit the habit. They are now a preferred alternative to smoking cigarettes since consumers can get the as they want in nicotine but without the health hazards associated with smoking cigarettes, as well as the possibility of trying various flavours of e-liquid. Furthermore, the user-friendly design and the affordability of devices led to them being a part of all walks of life and spawned other devices. Vaping as a hobby is now so well-known that there are many contests exclusively focused on smoking e-cigarettes.

Vaping has led to creating of a community, uniting people to share their passion for vaping. The community is filled with vapers eager to share the tricks of others, vape mods, and tips about how to achieve different styles of vaping. This community has inspired more people to utilize vape devices, particularly those seeking to quit smoking. But purchasing your first vaporizer could be a daunting task. It’s so numerous options and liquid vaporizers that you don’t know where to begin.

What are the benefits of vaping?

It’s not a secret that smoking is a costly habit. However, with smoking being a costly habit and the South African government regularly raising the price of a pack of tobacco and cigarettes to discourage smokers from using it, it will become more costly. Vaping is a way to save money. Buying the latest device isn’t necessary because each vape is designed to be re-used. Therefore, instead of spending hard-earned dollars on a box or two of cigarettes, save money over the long term by purchasing a vaporizer and liquids as needed.

The device you select vaping device you choose can be found at various prices. However, when purchased, they’ll last for a long duration. Your device likely has a refillable tank where you’ll place your favourite liquid whenever you want. Additionally, you can purchase E-liquid in bulk, which means it’ll last for a considerable amount of time, and stop you from spending additional money to purchase new juice.

Pure E-Liquids uses only use high-end stock products. This means that should you purchase a device from us; it can stand up to any wear and tear that comes with constant usage. Naturally, accidents aren’t impossible; however, purchasing an alternative in the event of incidental accidents will be less expensive than buying multiple cigarettes per week. There are parts inside the device that could require replacement, for instance, the coil, if it is burned out, but this isn’t an expensive component and is simple to replace. Other components, such as tanks and batteries, can be affordable when compared to the cost of smoking.

Another significant and frequently overlooked benefit of smoking a cigarette is the positive impact on the environment. Even if you’re someone who doesn’t properly safely discard cigarette bits, It is evident that lots of people do, and this could lead to an extremely serious issue with littering. Once they are disposed of, cigarette butts may break, and their residues spill into the soil and the water and cause water pollution. Smoke from cigarettes is also dangerous to the environment because toxic substances release every whenever a cigarette gets lit. If you replace a cigarette with a vaporizer, you can eliminate air pollution and waste by selecting an environmentally friendly device.

While some new rules have been enacted to ensure that vaping isn’t permitted in certain inland, many cities in the interior still permit it. The most important thing to remember while smoking is that smoking cigarettes can be harmful to the people around you, especially in a closed space like a vehicle or near children. Vaporizers ensure the safety of people around you and allow you to get your nicotine fix practically everywhere (rules allow). This means you don’t need to stop what you’re doing to go out to get your fix of nicotine; you can do it in a comfortable space.

Smoking e-cigarettes indoors does not come with the same issues as smoking cigarettes since no smell might otherwise stick to your furniture and alter the indoor air. But smoking inside for long periods could change the colour of things within your home, for example, wallpaper. Nicotine begins to change the appearance of objects, particularly white hues, and turn them yellow. This isn’t an issue when you smoke.

The advantages of vaping instead of smoking cigarettes are huge since the vapour is much safer for the lungs than harmful cigarette smoke. It’s been proven for a long time that cigarette smoke can cause lung cancer and, in some cases, throat cancer and also promote different types of cancer. The most damaging element of cigarette smoke is tar. It coats the lungs upon inhalation and forms a layer over the. It is extremely harmful to the lungs and may cause illnesses and negatively impact your quality of life by decreasing the lung’s capacity. Vapour is, however, isn’t a source of the same harmful substances; therefore, while it’s not any better than smoking cigarettes however it’s much healthier for your lungs than smoking cigarettes that are toxic.

How To Choose The Best Basic Kit for Vaping

Vaping may appear like a huge leap even if you do not have any prior knowledge of the technology required. In reality, if you’re new to vaping, you can find numerous vape guides and kits available to start you off. The kits, for starters, will contain everything you require to start, including an electronic device, charger, and occasionally E-liquid. Picking any of the kits at the beginning of your journey into vaping will get you on the proper path and save you the hassle of searching for and buying products that don’t fit your needs. The starter kit will assist you in saving money since purchasing the components together is cheaper than buying them separately.

You’ll have a wide range of options to choose your starter kit. But, most of the time, e-cigarettes appear exactly like cigarettes and give a like-smoking experience. Additionally, you will be able to select the strength of nicotine of the e-liquid within the package to change from smoking cigarettes to vaping much easier. The device included in these kits is quite simple compared to vaping mods and other advanced devices, but it’s quite acceptable! Beginning with a basic device allows you to become acquainted with the vaping experience and aid you in identifying the part of your experience with vaping you’d like to improve, which is where different vaping devices play a role.

Kits that include a disposable vape pen are readily available. However, they will not save you more than a reusable vaping device and won’t give you the same control over the experience. The ideal starter kit will have a device that accurately recreates the smoking experience. Additionally, it should include a robust coil that tightens each puff to prevent taking in too much nicotine too quickly. Millions of vapers have likely been using these kits because they’re the ideal place to establish what kind of vaper you’d like to be. Some people prefer the high-strength experience of using high-nicotine vape juices; others prefer an e-liquid with lower strength and a lower-ohm vape using a free e-liquid of nicotine.

Its flavour e-liquid can also significantly impact your decision to switch to smoking. The first vape juice you try is likely not the one you’ll keep because it’s so numerous different flavours available that it’s highly unlikely that you’ll get the flavour you want the first time you try it. The quest for the best flavour will continue because different manufacturers and brands make other vape juices with diverse flavour profiles. The most popular flavours in e-liquids are sweet due to their delicious flavour. However, it doesn’t mean they’re suitable for all. For instance, people who have smoked for many years might consider tobacco the best flavour and choose a vape that resembles smoking.

Selecting The Best E-liquid

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One of the primary things to think about when it comes to vaping is your e-liquid because everything from the nicotine level to flavour and the PG/VG ratio must be considered. These vape 101 tips will teach you that liquids with an incredibly high ratio of PG/VG (often 80 % PG to 20 per cent of VG) are the ideal option for quitting smoking. High-PG liquids offer the strongest, clearer throat sensation as opposed to higher VG liquids, which gives an experience reminiscent of more traditional cigarettes. The vape’s clouds are smaller and less dense; however, if you’re looking to quit, this shouldn’t be an issue for you.

If you’ve had a good experience using the first vaping kit for beginners, you’ll be able to experiment with different vaping styles. The most sophisticated form of vaping is commonly referred to as sub-ohm vaping. It is characterized by an e-liquid that is high-VG and has lower resistance. The sub-ohm category was developed because of the vape craze and is widely utilized in vaping competitions. Because of the low resistance of this type allows the user to take in more vapour than with high-resistance devices, which means that the nicotine level of the liquid needs to be considerably less. If the nicotine content were the same, throat smoking would become very unpleasant, and the person would be exposed to a massive nicotine shot every time they puff. By using an extremely high VG liquid, users can take more long-lasting hits that are more smooth and produce large, dense clouds when exhaling.

It is a common choice for people who have recently switched to vaping because it allows smokers who have previously smoked to receive similar amounts of daily nicotine intake. The strength of the nicotine content of e-liquid may vary; however, getting nicotine-free juices is simple if you’re trying to reduce your nicotine consumption. Picking the e-liquid with the least nicotine strength at first could cause problems as your body isn’t able to attain the levels of nicotine that it is used to, causing you to use e-liquids more often and drink more juice. It’s the reason it’s essential to choose an e-liquid with the appropriate amount of nicotine for you. Eventually, as time, you can change to nicotine-free liquids.

There are a variety of flavours to pick from. It is common to make mistakes when picking their favourite liquid since they tend to opt for something less than stellar. But the flavours are different. There is an e-liquid that everyone will enjoy, and if you discover that flavour you like, it can significantly enhance your vaping experience. Even if sweet and fruity flavours don’t appeal to you, you can choose one similar to traditional cigarettes, such as the menthol tobacco flavour. Enjoying every puff is crucial to an enjoyable experience since if you don’t enjoy your cigarette, it’ll make it difficult to give up.

Cleaning and Maintenance of your Vape Device

lekkevape guide to vaping

Regular use can leave your device filthy; therefore, it’s essential to clean it regularly to ensure it doesn’t become clogged or damaged. The tank that holds the liquid is among the most vulnerable to getting clogged because it’s easy for the liquid to freeze. The e-liquid residue may coat the tank’s insides and, if it’s not eliminated remove the tank and mix it in with the next e-liquid you decide to refill. This could be very annoying since you will notice that the taste of your current liquid will be evident as you inhale your new e-liquid, producing an unpleasant taste. In addition, the previous liquid might have nicotine. If you’re trying to stop smoking, nicotine residues will likely become the new liquid.

The most effective method to clean tanks is to empty them of liquid and rinse them off using warm water. Be sure to rinse off the most liquid you can and then set it aside to dry. If the tank is dry, you can go over it again, using the cotton ball to absorb any remaining moisture. It is essential to make sure you are dry before connecting your device because excess water can get into the electronic components and present a health risk. Follow this guideline as strictly as possible to help ensure an enjoyable and safe experience.

Coils are another essential element of your vaping device to keep in good condition. If you don’t, and the coil starts to burn or wears out due to use, it could alter the flavour of your e-liquid and also produce very hot steam. They won’t last forever; however, cleaning your tank will last longer. It may be an overwhelming task for someone just starting with vaping. However, the design of coils means that they can be easily replaced and are cost-effective.

To replace the coil:

  1. Remove the vaporizer from its assembly so that you can reach the rings.
  2. Unscrew the old coil and turn it clockwise.
  3. Make sure not to get your hands covered with liquid.

Before putting in the new one, you should add some drops of liquid to ensure that it doesn’t burn on the first attempt. After you have it screwed in, check it several times to ensure there aren’t any leaks or other problems. If it is leaking, you might not have screwed the coil enough.


Vaping is the best way to quit smoking. It’s an open secret. With the potential to save money while improving your health, there are many better choices. However, making the change can be challenging, particularly regarding vaping terminology. When people switch from smoking cigarettes to vaping, they’ll start to notice the benefits immediately, and these benefits will only get more frequent as they continue vaping. In the event of switching to an e-cigarette, it allows the body to heal because it’s not impacted by the harmful smoke or the harmful chemicals. In the initial hours when you stop smoking, the benefits of quitting smoking will begin to show because the oxygen levels in your blood return to their normal levels and the level of carbon monoxide in the blood will decrease. The longer you stay away from smoking and the more relaxed you’ll feel the more your sense of smell and taste will increase, significantly making food more flavorful and beverages.

After a couple of days without cigarettes, The body will get stronger and more resilient as it advances in its healing process. Breathing becomes much easier because the body can reduce the amount of tar in the lung. The longer you stay away from using cigarettes, the more vulnerable you are to health issues like stroke or heart attack. Actually, after quitting smoking for five years, your odds of suffering heart attacks will be cut by half, even if you smoke cigarettes, as the vapour won’t harm your heart cells.

One term you might have seen is vape slang. It refers to an intermittent loss in the ability to taste the vape juice. Loss of taste may occur abruptly and lasts for a lengthy period, but it’s not permanent. It also affects users of all levels of experience and not only newbies. If you continue to vape, your taste buds can become tired due to the deficiency of saliva; they may not experience the flavour similarly. There are many methods to rid yourself of your vape tongue. Most of them require drinking water and cutting down on smoking for a brief period.

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